New associates

For almost two decades, D K R P has demonstrated that it can make the workforces of companies significantly stronger, both in companies that have been operating successfully for long periods and in divisions of such companies, as well as in new fields or types of business. This has happened both in large companies (including Dax, M-Dax, TecDax and similar companies) and in SMEs, as well as in specialised companies, some of them small businesses.

We perform the same for public authorities, as well as for companies operated by the German federal government, for German states and municipal administration, particularly for large and medium-sized cities.
We are now expanding our services to include consulting in the fields of human resources management and human resources policy, performing status quo assessments, implementing improvements in goal achievement, and changes in culture in all of the broad facets of human resources.
Upon request from our customers, we participate in the implementation, and therefore do more than providing ideas and corresponding consulting. We help in strategy issues, but are also happy to restructure current problem areas or divisions, either in participation or independently, including “hands on”. We are experienced in joint decision making, and are always willing to demonstrate this in practice. The cooperation of all elements of the workforce in finding and implementing new ideas is also a path to be encouraged.

Examples of fields for consulting:

  • Quality offensives
  • Profit improvement projects
  • also simple cost changes
  • Building up new fields of business
  • Competitive position optimisation
  • Internationalisation projects
  • Strengthening and improving communication
  • Liquidation of divisions
  • All fields of innovation
  • Partnership consulting, M&A support, particularly post-merger projects

Further functional and regional supplements to our fields of work are currently in progress, but require preparation, we are therefore taking our time in order to ensure the highest quality. We are however already able to present our personnel here, e.g. in shareholding management for municipal administrations, and in business promotion projects on the state and regional levels.

We are paying particular attention to further strengthening the quality of our work for our customers, and the individuals with whom we enter into contact on behalf of our customers. Every addition to our workforce is oriented towards the professional success of our partners, and all have many years of management experience. We are therefore happy to announce that Dr Dietrich Markmann has joined our team, alongside further highly qualified experts and an additional consultant.

Dr Markmann has a very broad background in plant engineering, not only within Germany but also internationally, with experience in many countries, both in the planning sector and in construction management, as well as in maintenance, service, repair and conversions/extensions.

Dr Markmann guarantees the highest quality in all these areas, with the best possible work results, as well as powers of persuasion and management.